27 November 2017

“stunning views, very calm, comfortable rooms & beds & nice supportive crew”

Villa Bekul is an absolute topper in the Lovina area! Close to the beach and to many (tourist) spots, like the famous hot springs (15′ driving), waterfalls (walking or short drive), dolphin watching (5′ drive to beach) & snorkeling (45′ drive to brilliant spot). Just tucked away in the hills (5′ driving from beach) in a small compound with ‘nice neighbours’ the villa overlooks both sea & mountains and has very calm/silent surroundings. Lovely, practical & comfortable set-up & decoration….nice spacious rooms & (outdoor) bathrooms, big kitchen, dining table en living space (latter 3 all outdoors), huge garden and swimming pool area! The welcoming staff on the ground is lovely, speaks good (enough) English and also contact before & after via mail is swift & nice! Lots of nice tips & do’s and font’s, super helpful! Small details to watch-out: You need a driver for every come & go. It is too uphill (and bloody hot) and too dark in the evening to scooter, cycle or walk. That feels a bit dependent and is also pretty costly (well, relatively of course;-) Bob the driver/guide (recommended by the villa) delivers really good quality excursions & rides, but is also a bit overdoing in playing your new BFF. Too many ‘popular standard’ jokes, he almost feels like tourist trap. He doesn’t need that btw, given his superb connections & knowledge of area. No idea though how to find another trustworthy driver for a couple of days…he has a nice team of more authentic guys though (worked better for us;-) The Villa has annoying slippery tiles all over the place when it rains/they are wet. And it can rain a lot;-) But hee, you’re on holiday, so slowing down pace is always a good idea;-) We’ll definitely come back again! THANKS for everything Villa Bekul!