“We had a wonderful time at Villa Jempiring. The place was immaculate, the staff were lovely, the views stunning and the facilities marvelous. The girls are wonderful cooks and able to prepare almost anything you like. I have never had tofu before but would have it again the way they prepared it! I’m not a vegetarian and it was delicious! From Denpasar Airport it is about a 3 hour drive. Agus, the designated driver for the villa, is brilliant. His local knowledge helped us avoid unnecessary charges and got us some great deals. We would recommend the elephant sanctuary and monkey forest in Ubud. The elephants there are very well cared for. Although the do get ridden it is their way if earning their keep as all proceeds go towards looking after them. The elephants seemed very happy and there were no signs of abuse. My elephant driver clearly cared for Roxy a great deal. He came over Sumatra to Bali with 10 elephants that had been abused and used in logging. It clearly troubled him how they were treated there. The villa is located near Lovina where you are able to see dolphins at dawn, Snorkel go to a restaurant or do some shopping. Water sports at Krisna were also amazing. My only complaint is that the holiday ended far too soon. We had a wonderful time and have made plenty of fantastic memories. ”

David Hart, England