August 21, 2017


After 1 week in the busy south part of Bali (we stayed in Sanur and Ubud) we  arrived for our second holiday week in villa Bunga. What a fantastic villa and what a amazing location! We all hold our breaths when we arrived!  Duwi, Kadek, Kadek and Putu is the staff of the villa, because of them we felt at home immediately. A very good staff, we enjoyed all the meals cooked, is was truly a feast each day. We made several trips, the dolphin trip at sea, a hiking trip to the Sekumpul waterfalls where we also swim and we made a wonderful trip to the Mayong rice fields. Also we celebrated the 18th birthday of our daughter in the villa, very memorable with a birthday cake and a very special rice meal prepared by Duwi. It was fantastic!

We will take all our good memories back to the Netherlands.