We had an amazing stay in villa Cantik and were taking care of fantastic by Kadek, Novi and Eddy.
This stay was the highlight of our Bali holiday. The house was fantastic, the stunning views, all was wonderful. The staff in the villa was so sweet and helpful. They can cook delicious. We also had meals in different restaurants and also ate delicious meals, but nothing better than the meals of the staff, except maybe the fried banana we took at a stall where they cooked also very good food. I will certainly recommend the villa to my acquaintances in the Netherlands. The world is also very small. My sister Jannemieke and her husband Rigo who live in Australia stayed with us. When they looked out over the beach they saw to their astonishment acquaintances of Cairns walking at the beach in front of the villa.

We hope to contact you for the next holiday in Bali in the future.

Greetings, Madeleen & Bob, the Netherlands