April 20, 2014

“Luxurious relaxation grounded in Balinese charm”

Villa The Mango Trees is truly a beautiful house. It contains of four bedrooms, two of which have a (nothing less than) magnificent ocean view of the villas private beach: black sand, blue water and a view of the outline of Java. The staff is friendly and helpful, and more than capable of providing great meals. We enjoyed every moment of our stay. What really made our stay extra special was the contrast of the luxury of the villa and the local charm, that surrounded us. I wrote before that the beach is private, I admit that is truth of modifications. Because all day we would see fishing boats moving ind and out, and up and down of the coast. Every day the Duck Shepard would wave good morning and good evening, when he walked his floc of rice field ducks. And we would smile and sometimes have the privilege of talking with the women bathing in the small stream beside the house. And in this midst of truthful livelihood, we could enjoy cool drinks and family in our little garden of Eden.