Sitting at the table and thinking of nothing, while listening to the soft murmers of the fan. Driving to Lovina on the scooter and accelerating to 100 km/h. Waking up and see the sun through te blinds, telling you that you are on Bali.

Watching the little birds diving above the pool. The seats waiting every morning for you , in a row like soldiers. The smells from the kitchen. The food from Kadek and Made, even better than most restaurants in the village. The cool embracement of the swimming pool, when you dive into it each morning.

Long talks at the long table, good wine, Bintangs, solve all the world problems, seeing the traffic go by on the main road. The feet of Kadek and her smile. They shyness of Made, who gladly gives the podium of attention to Kadek.

The stunning view, that invites you to sit still for hours and enjoy, being there , being alive. Concurring the road on your scooter. The sound of the Gecko’s, I want them as a ringtone. The sound of the baking oil in the wadjan pan. The company of friends.

We will come back, with all our children!

Hetty & Ton