“Lovely villa!”

The villa experience was what I expected and wanted. The grounds are absolutely beautiful. The pool is superb. I don’t know if it is always as quiet as it was when we were there, but I appreciated the quietness. Not even crickets to disturb you. The food, just amazing. The staff, very nice and helpful. We had a beagle with us, who loved the place as well! There is only one room that has a double or queen size bed. (The other two rooms have twin/single beds that are pushed together as if it were one bed.) In that room I was visited by some geckos one night. I don’t like those pests, but I scared them away with a broom and they left. There is a crack at the top corner of the room in which they came to visit, and left the same way. Maybe the owners should close that little crack they use to enter the room.