Where do I start? I am from USA and I came in search for peace in Bali. When we finally did make it to house we were greeted with warm smiles and all the staff. I am unable to complain about one thing because staff was too kind. I wish I could give them more and stay longer because of how nice, sweet, warm, and polite they were. They helped arrange all activities for me and kept house clean the entire stay. Only issue I had was I am afraid of lizards and bugs but staff removed them when they heard one of us in a panic lol! I will be back with my sisters to stay because everyone should be able to experience the beauty of Bali and this Villa. I will truly miss everyone at the Villa and I pray everyone who visits this Villa treat the staff very kind. Until we meet again love you all! ❤️❤️❤️”

Marlena and friends, USA