Gorgeous property in a relaxing and beautiful setting

I had a wonderful time at this property. I spent 3 weeks alone there, a perfect retreat It was very beautiful, both inside and outside of the house. The sound of the surf was relaxing and the reflective surface of the pool was entrancing. The staff of wonderful and attentive to detail. The garden and pool were well taken care of and I felt safe at night with the watchman and well placed lighting. Iluh and Putu took excellent care of the house and of me. They cooked simple home style meals, and arranged everything for me including my massages, visits to town and to the Spice Beach Club for some variety. The manager of the property, Anik, even took my passport in to get an extension on the Visa.

On the last day at their suggestion, I went to the nearby Buddhist temple and to the Hot Springs. I wish I had gone there earlier so I could have gone to them more once. My only complaint was a couple times when the next door neighbors rental had noisy children that woke me up early in the morning and adults that partied until fairly late. But that was only 3 or 4 days and I don’t think there’s anything that the owner of this villa could do about that. Most the time it was private and tranquil. Highly recommended.