Villa Sing Sing is placed on top of a hill and located higher than rest of the villa’s you find here. This allows visitors to see the most stunning view during the day. At the end of the day when the sun slowly sinks into the sea, there is even a more beautiful sight. The sight is reaching so far that you can spot three peaks, one peak of Gn Baluran and two peaks of Gn Ijen, of Java. This is gives the most stunning picture I have jet seen on Bali. It’s a pity there are mosquitoes on Bali, otherwise the bedrooms would have been an unnecessary luxury. During the nightfall a spectacle of hundreds of stars appear in the sky. This unique sight is only visible on this part of the island. In and around Denpasar there is too much light and smoke pollution to behold these huge quantities of stars. The villa is the ideal setting for a luxury dream holiday, having space for eight adults and two children. It has 4 enormous two person bedrooms. One master bedroom pointed to the ocean, one bedroom above the master bedroom with a balcony and view to the ocean, and two others having a view over the mountain pointed at Java . All four rooms have a huge luxurious outdoor shower, completely in the style of the island. For the design of the building the architect made clever usage of the remaining space between the master bedroom and the other three bedrooms. This space has been transformed into a children’s room, where also a playhouse has been built into. The master bedroom can be opened entirety, creating a magnificent panoramic view. All rooms are finished in detail and custom made woodwork. In addition, they all have quiet air conditioning and curtain rails, that are sunk in the frame of the villa, making sure the sun and heat are completely excluded from the building. The villa is a special piece of architecture and construction, the large spaces in the villa are kept open by a small space between the bearing walls and the roof. This ensures a light cool breeze of air comes in, fresh wind supplied by the ocean. Because I am allergic to pollen, this is a big plus point for me. The staff is very well instructed and makes the most amazing dishes, you can ask them for anything. I am a true fan of Chicken Curry and Gado-Gado, which taste more than perfect enjoying the scenery during diner. The best thing is you won’t notice them and speak excellent English. Altogether this is by far the most beautiful place where I stayed on the island. And by far the most beautiful villa in the north of Bali.

Ruben Marteijn, the Netherlands