We stayed at the villa for 12 days. One adult and three children/teenagers. We enjoyed the pool area a lot. Except for when sales people show up when you least expect it just in front of the pool trying to get your attention. We didn’t swim in the sea due to very dirty surroundings and water. But the fresh air that was coming from the sea and the sound of the waves was still worth it. The maid in the house helped prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. She did the laundry and cleaned the house. She also made sure their were clean towels every day. She also did the grovery shopping when needed. The local activities we enjoyed the most. Such as dolphin watching with boat pick up outside the house, the rice fields and grape gardens outside, the waterfalls and trekking, the guided temple tour, activity centre with ATV (recommended for adults), cycling between two wires, flying fox, paraflying, banana boats and many other things not far away from the house. Instead of going to the Menjangan island I would recommend hiring your own boat to do snorkelling. The trip to Menjangan island was very expensive and really not much to watch. The wild deers on the island was an experience. But the snorkelling was not worth the trip. And we’ve been snorkelling in Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt a.s.o.

Selma Ahlroth and children, Sweden